For over 20 years, Agricover has been offering Romanian farmers integrated solutions to increase farm productivity. They have been with farmers since the establishment of the crops, then throughout the production cycle. Agricover has a carefully constructed portfolio of products and services, which includes the latest agricultural technologies and high-quality services, designed in such a way as to optimize farmers' resources and make production costs per hectare as efficient as possible.

Agricover has a strong logistics network with national coverage, so that partner farmers receive the necessary agricultural inputs in the shortest possible time while benefiting from the optimization of transport costs.

A calculation made by the group's specialists indicates that the inputs offered by Agricover are used by farmers to work over 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land, nationally. They use the inputs both in large crops such as grass cereals, corn, canola, and sunflowers and in specialty crops such as fruit orchards or vineyards.

The challenge

The Agricover group places great emphasis on the implementation of the latest technologies, and in this context, it was necessary to make an online store available to farmers.

At that time, sales were made exclusively through sales agents, customers did not have access to information related to stocks or which is the nearest warehouse where they can get supplies.

Solution offered

Through the Agricover online store, farmers from any corner of the country can order the products they want, choosing from a very varied offers. This includes seeds, fertilizers, biostimulants, pesticides, adjuvants, growth regulators, and other indispensable products for farmers. The products carry the labels of famous brands such as Bayer, Basf, Syngenta, Corteva, or Adama, which is a guarantee of quality.

Also, the site offers a library of diseases, weeds, and pests for each product, to help the customer quickly identify potential threats to their crops. 

Related to the platform's functionalities, customers have access to livestock in any warehouse and have the opportunity to select the nearest location. Payment can be made directly on the website using a card or even in installments using the Agricover card. For legal entity users, the system retrieves from ANAF (National Fiscal Administration Agency) all company information based on CUI.

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