RTC leads the market in indirect office product distribution, generating over 36 million euros in 2022. With over 30 years in the industry, RTC's affiliation with the Altex group in March 2020 expanded its success in Romania.

Offering a comprehensive range of workplace solutions— personal protective equipment,  professional hygiene, office furniture, IT equipment, stationery, and more — RTC's online platform boasts 11,000+ items. Their modern logistics ensure quality service and a 3.5 million euro stock.

Focused on building strong connections, RTC prioritizes customer comfort, prompt service, and expert guidance. They aim to understand every business's needs, fostering lasting relationships and offering comprehensive solutions as the sole provider.

The challenge

In 2016, RTC collaborated with Commergent, selecting the Dynamicweb All-in-One solution perfectly suited to their business model. This integration swiftly aligned with RTC's newly implemented Microsoft ERP solution, facilitating digital development and business automation.

Their primary need was a B2B solution tailored to RTC's specific requirements, offering scalability and personalized options. This aimed to provide clients with a high-performance, stable ordering platform ensuring a seamless experience, easy order placement, and configuration of specific demands.

Continuous improvements have enhanced the platform since then, introducing new functionalities tailored for the B2B work environment.

Solution offered

In 2022, RTC initiated a significant upgrade, transitioning to the latest Enterprise solution, migrating to the cloud, implementing Product Information Management (PIM), and completely overhauling their website for superior performance.

The updated RTC site offers innovative functionalities and a personalized interface. This enhanced platform facilitates quicker order placement, presenting a fluid, intuitive, and personalized user experience.

The site's navigation was streamlined, with updated product displays, grid views for rapid item addition to the cart, and table views for effortless creation of large shopping carts. Users navigate swiftly among product categories, with a new search feature to explore recommendations.

On the new site, registered clients gain automatic access to B2B functionalities:

- Personalized product lists and prices in line with agreed offers with sales consultants.

- Order status, history, and easy retrieval of previous orders in the shopping cart.

- Purchase control by departments, cost centers, locations.

- Monthly budget settings.

- Internal order approval hierarchy granting higher user rights.

- Access to advanced reports.

The platform offers consultations, 24/48-hour deliveries, environmentally-friendly solutions, irresistible stock clearances, and the RTC STARS loyalty campaign.

Accessing various roles enables easy order management. Approval managers have permanent control over placed orders, approving, rejecting, or modifying any order. Managers on the move can access the platform via mobile devices, extracting detailed reports regarding orders or user activity. Notifications via email accompany the entire order flow, ensuring all involved parties are continuously informed of the order status.


"RTC is consistently focused on providing a complete experience to customers in the order automation process, hence the collaboration with Commergent has always been based on efficiency, clear deadlines, and objectives. We challenge each other, enabling successful project completion. The team has been with us since the initial implementation, understanding our needs and offering optimal solutions. This gives us confidence and the desire to develop even more challenging projects." - Daniel Gheorghe, Marketing Manager

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