Elbi Electric & Lighting

Elbi Electric & Lighting is the leading importer and independent distributor of electrical equipment and materials in Romania. With over 25 years of industry experience, they have established themselves as a trusted name through their diverse product range and consistent stock availability.

As a national leader in professional distribution for the electrical field, Elbi Electric & Lighting has become the largest distributor in Romania for a wide range of electrical products, such as lighting fixtures, transformers, cables, and automation systems.

The challenge

Being a national leader in its field, Elbi Electric has a very vast and diverse customer portfolio, with each partner having its own specificities based on the categories of products sold, as well as its business scope and the region in which it operates. All these variations have resulted in individually tailored business policies for each client.

Thus, although all these aspects were managed internally through Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there arose a need and desire to provide real-time information to customers through a web interface.

The main goal was to create a B2B platform where customers could access personalized prices and real-time stock information from both the central warehouse and the regional warehouses in which they operate. The emphasis on live updates was essential from the beginning due to the increased dynamics of pricing policies and stock levels, correlated with a large number of customers (over 10,000) and SKUs (over 15,000), generating a significant volume of data.

Despite continuous searching and various attempts to find the right solution, most of them involved updating information only at certain intervals, which led to discrepancies between the reality on the ground and what customers saw.

The Solution

We considered the All-in-One Dynamicweb platform to be the most appropriate for our customer’s needs, as it has a connector that natively interacts with MS Dynamics NAV. In around 3 months, the first version of the Elbi Electric platform was launched.

This solution has brought multiple changes and functionalities, such as displaying the real-time personalized price per client, stock availability, as well as real-time financial and accounting situations for the customer, but also automatic transfer of orders to NAV and stock reservation, empowering the customer with more control over their data and flows. 

Furthermore, we have automated the creation of customer support accounts together with a tight correlation between customers and their designated customer support agent. Since the All-in-One platform has a very powerful content management system (CMS), we could also include personalized content based on customer permissions.


Until the implementation of the solution, all customer requests for pricing, stock, or financial situations were relayed through traditional methods such as phone or email, which resulted in a significant amount of time and sales force's work being occupied with bureaucratic operations. Once all these things became manageable through the platform, it allowed the salespeople to allocate much more time to relationship-building and selling activities, which reflected in an increase in revenue.

Currently, the volume of orders transacted through the B2B platform represents 10% of the revenue generated through the distribution channel, with a plan to reach 25% in the next 2-3 years.

As for the number of active visitors, it has increased by 200% after the implementation, and there has also been a 300% increase in the number of active sessions. This change has led to increased user trust in the online platform and more time spent on it. Additionally, over the past two years, there has been a consistent upward trend in the website usage and accessibility.


"With well-defined objectives in place, the process was smooth, and we managed to complete the platform implementation very quickly. The collaboration with the entire Commergent team was just as it should be, and I don't think there is a need for epithets and metaphors to describe it, only for results. Of course, during an implementation involving multiple parties, issues may arise, but they were managed professionally, and we were able to meet the proposed deadlines." - Gabriel Lolea, Marketing Manager, Elbi Electric & Lighting

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