Since its establishment in 1990, Allmedia has been a prominent figure in the building materials market across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Boasting a diverse product range sourced from global leaders, the company has strategically expanded with locations in Bratislava, Prešov, and Brno. Allmedia's commitment to excellence is evident through its dedicated team of 60 professionals, ensuring swift supplier services guided by the credo "Professionality obligates." With over 30,582 supplies for large buildings, 2,510+ active customers, a 2022 turnover of 9.2 million, and a consistent track record of 100+ projects annually, Allmedia stands as an industry leader.

The challenge

Allmedia faced a critical operational challenge — a lack of seamless integration between their Content Management System (CMS) and MS Dynamics NAV. The existing CMS failed to achieve full synchronization, leading to a manual order processing routine that consumed valuable time and introduced the risk of errors. The objective was clear: simplify operations by directly managing prices, products, and orders from MS Dynamics NAV, eliminating duplicative efforts.

Solution offered

In response to Allmedia's challenges, a comprehensive solution was implemented, integrating CMS by DynamicWeb. This solution demonstrated bidirectional communication capabilities with MS Dynamics NAV, eliminating the need for third-party tools. The transformative changes brought efficiency to order processing, streamlined workflows, and eradicated manual interventions.
One significant improvement was the ability to process orders directly within MS Dynamics NAV, eliminating manual importation and reducing the risk of errors. The synchronization established became a cornerstone of operational efficiency, ensuring consistency across platforms and reducing the need for duplicated efforts between MS Dynamics NAV and DynamicWeb.


The implementation of the latest SWIFT version catapulted Allmedia's websites to 2024 standards, setting the stage for rebuilding others in DynamicWeb. This digital evolution streamlined Allmedia's online presence, delivering a cutting-edge user experience and enhancing the company's digital footprint.

Prioritizing the shift from offline to online orders, Allmedia witnessed a significant year-over-year increase in online engagements, including website traffic, user registrations, and online order placements. This strategic move not only improved customer experiences but also boosted operational efficiency.

The commitment to digital excellence positions Allmedia as an industry leader, showcasing a successful transition to modern online practices and a continual improvement in key performance indicators.


"Despite the distance and possible language barriers, the cooperation with the Commergent team has improved significantly from the beginning and we have a partner who is able to solve any requirements from our site with the valued know-how.​" - Richard Slafkovský, Director, Allmedia

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