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digital transformation

Going beyond simple integration, Commergent delivers flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions to ever-changing business needs, being at the forefront of many companies’ digital transformation.

Our expertise

B2B eCommerce

Personalized solutions for multiple B2B industries with a unified eCommerce platform that’s never limited by customizations or complex requirements.

B2C eCommerce

Seamless and ready to deploy B2C online shopping experiences that create lifetime customers through the best possible customer experience

Corporate Websites

Well crafted and secured corporate websites with an user experience designed for building trust and communicating value to potential customers.

Together for technology

Long lasting relationship

Through our shared vision and common passion for digital solutions, we’ve been building a strong and fruitful partnership with DynamicWeb for over 12 years, which has proved to be a success in over 150 projects around the world.


A partnership that creates value

We enjoy the partnership with Dynamicweb from two perspectives. On one hand, from the perspective of our customers, who have benefited from access to a stable solution, adapted to multiple business needs.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the valuable contribution that our team has consistently and constantly made, by supporting partners in the Dynamicweb ecosystem around the world.

In over 150 projects for Romanian and multinational companies in Europe, North America, and Asia, we managed to overcome with the help of our team's knowledge, support, and empathy, as well as the Dynamicweb solution, the barriers that prevented our clients' businesses from evolving. And so, we are proud that, in this process, we have contributed to the evolution of the Dynamicweb solution and we can look together with optimism to strengthen our partnership and support the digital transformations of our customers.

Know-How & Empathy

Our team consists of over 15 talented individuals that focus on providing knowledge, support, creativity, and empathy to help its clients in their digital journey.

From presentation websites to complex B2B systems, we have managed to overcome barriers that kept businesses from evolving and also contributed to the evolution of the Dynamicweb solution in the process.

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Industrial GP

Elbi Electric & Lighting

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